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Effective Santisation Services for your Home & Office at Affordable Price. Anti Bacterial Cleaning Solutions. We Provide Virus  disinfection Soluions

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Result-Driven Virus Cleaning Services

To ensure your family and workers remain safe from the effect of such viruses, we will perform a through cleaning of your places in two stages 

Cleaning Disinfection

We will Perform an in-depth cleaning along with Disinfection for killing germs, bacteria, viruses and other microrganisms. This is essential in the wake of coronavirus

Sensitization & Sterilization

Besides regular, in-depth cleaning, we also cover Sterilization which aims to kill harmful bacteria and Bacteria and Viruses. It involves the use of specialized chemicals that are deadly for such viruses but safe for humans.


Yes, in general its recommended to get work and residential space sanitized. Now, keeping in mind the recent pandemic spread MHA has issued guidelines for all frequently visited building spaces like offices, residentials, industries to have regular sanitization if building falls in red and orange covid-19 zone

Yes, you need microbial disinfection chemicals for air, surface, high touch point disinfection, heavy-duty rubber glows, face mask, cloth dusters for mopping. Start with aerial chemical spray, it takes roughly half an hour in 2000 sq.ft. area, the chemical gets settled and absorbed in 10-15 minutes. Once aerial disinfection is completed, next step is to disinfect high touch points like handles, staircase railings, tap nobs, switch boards etc. at the end carry on with proper surface sanitization using sodium hypochlorite, avoid walking on chemical floor till 15 mins or until wet. These are steps of deep sanitization and should be repeated much frequently if your premise falls in red and orange zones

Our sanitization charges vary based on space size, type and the kind of sanitization demanded by clients. Usually varies b/w INR 2 to 6/- per. Sq. ft.

It depends on space usage, currently as per MHA guidelines one must conduct sanitization daily.

Yes, as on date we have a special offer for Office Sanitization @ 1/- only. Its valid for May, June, July 2020 only, for more details you can check our plan video or take an estimate quote.

Our team uses full face respirator masks to protect themselves as well as you from spreading out the infection.

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